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We’re a family-owned business that builds between 50 and 100 pools a year. We pride ourselves in the fact that the majority of our business is from either word of mouth or repeat customers. This is mostly contributed to our business philosophy which is "treat the customer exactly the we way we would like to be treated" and "promise nothing that cannot be delivered." To help ensure quality and completing projects on time, most all phases are done "in house."

In combination with constructing swimming pools, we also build waterfalls and various water features, fire pits, fire places, BBQ’s, block walls, patio covers and concrete work to include stamping and various other finishes. We offer a wide variety of materials for plaster which include but we are not limited to, Pebble Tec, Pebble Sheen, 3M Color Quartz, gray plaster, blue plaster and white plaster. Coping choices range from Flagstone, Quartz stone, Brick, Cantilever Coping and Art Rock.

We typically finish between 2 to 4 pools a week throughout the year. Normal construction time is approximately 6-8 weeks.

Quality Custom Pools, Inc was originally established as a pool construction consulting firm that specialized in owner builder projects. The original name was "Quality Custom Pools for Less." In 2001 we became incorporated and changed the name to "Quality Custom Pools, Inc." We now employ over 30 skilled people and we own our own equipment which include several tractors and dump trucks. While we still do consulting projects, the bulk of our business is new gunite swimming pool construction.



9 Reasons People Love Quality Custom Pools


  1. We have an APSP® Certified Building Professional® (CBP®) on staff, overseeing every job.
  2. The owner of the company is a BPI Certified Professional, which means he's been trained and certified on the front-lines of the home performance industry.
  3. We're not "just a pool builder." We offer Complete Backyard Solutions for your home.
  4. We’re not a "cookie-cutter" pool builder. Every one of our projects is completely custom designed just for you.
  5. We train our own in-house craftsmen to build above the industry standards.
  6. We also have our own in-house service team, to make sure your pool is always running perfectly.
  7. We strive for Low-Maintenance, Energy-Efficient Construction Highly-efficient, “self-maintaining” pool designs and features.
  8. To make it easier for you to decide just what you want, we offer a FREE DVD, loaded with pool ideas and helpful advice.
  9. Every one of our pools comes with a Lifetime Guarantee on the shell.



APSP – “The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals”

The APSP is the world's largest international trade association representing the swimming pool, spa, hot tub and recreational water industries. APSP is the leading industry advocate promoting professional best practices through education, industry standards, and safety.

APSP members adhere to a code of ethics in business and technical practices and share a strong commitment to the safe, healthful, and enjoyable use of industry products.

The APSP effectively replaced another well-known industry organization known as “National Pool and Spa Institute” or NSPI in 2006.

More information at: The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals

APSP Member Code of Ethics
All members of The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals agree to be dedicated to and to comply with the following ethical principles and policies:


  • To contribute to the health, safety and welfare of the public in the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and operation of swimming pools, spas and hot tubs by complying with all applicable laws, ordinances or regulations and refraining from engaging in fraudulent or deceptive acts or practices.
  • To hold all necessary federal, state and local licenses, registrations and permits.
  • To hold legally required liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and bonding.
  • To respect and not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others and to refrain from using the property of others without their prior, written consent.
  • To advertise products, services and prices truthfully and consistently with all federal, state and local advertising practices requirements.
  • To establish prices in a manner that does not involve collusion with a competitor and to clearly communicate such prices to potential customers or clients prior to providing such products or services.
  • To provide written sales agreements when such are requested by customers or required by law.
  • To comply with the terms of all agreements, oral or written, regarding the provision of products or services.
  • To respond to any consumer complaints made to any governmental authority, Better Business Bureau or equivalent nongovernmental authority.
  • To exclude from company ownership or senior management any person or entity who or which, within the past three (3) years, has been convicted of or pleaded no contest (or its equivalent) to any felony or other crime involving business or financial practices.
  • To use the APSP name, logo and other intellectual property only when and as permitted by APSP, and to cease all such use upon suspension from or termination of membership in APSP.
  • To file a complaint with APSP regarding a potential violation of this Code of Ethics only when in possession of credible evidence of such potential violation.
  • To cooperate fully with any APSP investigation of a potential violation of this Code of Ethics.
  • To encourage utilization of APSP educational offerings as a means of enhancing the professional skills and business integrity of APSP members and their employees.



BBB – “Better Business Bureau”

The BBB is a private, non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and foster the highest ethical standards between companies and their customers in the areas of:

  • Dependable Service
  • Honesty In Advertising
  • Honest Business Practices
  • Reliable Complaint Handling Procedures


Examples of services provided by the BBB are Business Reliability Reports, Dispute Resolution, Truth-in-Advertising, Consumer and Business Education and Charity Review.


Businesses earning the right to be included in this organization have a strong reputation of taking care of their customers. More information at: Better Business Bureau



Business Consumer Alliance

Business Consumer Alliance, Inc. is a non-profit organization which began business in 1936. Prior to 2013, BCA operated as the Better Business Bureau of the Southland. The name was changed to allow for an expansion of the services we provide to consumers and businesses, and to broaden our service area from the greater Los Angeles area to North America.


The broad purpose of BCA is to promote business self regulation. We achieve this objective by assisting consumers in resolving complaints with businesses and using that complaint information along with other relevant information like customer reviews to forecast business australiantablets reliability. Through a sophisticated algorithm that evaluates several different aspects of businesses, BCA is able to assign letter grades, ranging from AAA to F which assists the public in identifying reputable or disreputable companies.


BCA obtains its funding from member businesses who support the mission and purpose of BCA and who agree to abide by high standards of ethical business practices.


A marketplace where buyers can identify trustworthy and ethical businesses and avoid unscrupulous businesses whose purpose is to defraud them or to provide inferior or non-existent services or products.


BCA’s mission is to promote and encourage business self regulation. We accomplish that mission by assisting consumers in resolving disputes and complaints against businesses and using that information along with other data to predict the future behavior and reliability of businesses. Businesses earning the right to be included in this organization have a strong reputation of taking care of their customers. More information at: Business Consumer Alliance



BPI Certified Professional

BPI Certified professionals are highly skilled experts on the front-lines of the home performance industry.

Our nationally recognized credentialing program identifies individual excellence in house-as-a-system evaluation, diagnostics and installation. Stringent technical standards and requirements mean that BPI certified professionals are in demand – from homeowners, state and utility energy efficiency incentive programs and weatherization assistance programs.

More info at www.bpi.org/professionals.aspx.


CBP® - Certified Building Professional®

A Certified Building Professional® is an individual who has passed all the rigorous requirements of the APSP’s Certified Building Professional® training program. Graduates of the course learn the skills and value system pertaining to high ethical standards, commitment to the highest standards of workmanship and construction, business stability, and superior customer relations. After completion of the training, all graduates must complete continuing education requirements on an ongoing basis in order to maintain their CBP® certification.

More information at http://www.apsp.org/BuilderEducationandCertificationPrograms.aspx.



Western Regional Master Builders Association

Western Regional Master Builders Association (WRMBA) is a safety trade association consisting of licensed California contractors. WRMBA has been active in accident prevention and workplace safety since 1978. WRMBA provides California employers with some of the most useful safety and accident prevention information in the construction industry.

More info at www.wrmba.com.



Pebble Tec®

The World's Most Trusted Aggregate Pool Finishes


Often imitated, never duplicated, Pebble Tec®, Pebble Sheen®,Pebble Fina® and Bead Crete® brand pool finishes help create the kind of luxurious, durable pools, spas and water features that provide a lifetime of inspiration and relaxation. We are a licensed dealer of Pebble Tec and have a team of fully trained professionals to install Pebble Tec pool finishes for your pool.


More information at Pebble Tec



Backyard Blaze

Backyard Blaze specialize’s in automated remote controlled outdoor fire features and accessories. If you are looking for something to enhance your backyard landscaping we have the solution for you. Their fire features come in many sizes and styles and our tiki torches are made of only the finest quality materials.


Backyard Blaze carrys a huge selection of outdoor fire accessories to complete any project you are designing, including fire rings, fire on water manifolds, remote fire, key valves, burner bars, stainless steel troughs, copper or stainless steel bowls, log sets and water fountains.



National Pool Tile

Plan your perfect poolscape with National Pool Tile’s decorative swimming pool finish, pool tile, and coping. But don’t stop at the water’s edge – surround your pool with sophistication! From hardscapes like deck pavers or decorative concrete, to fire and water features, or perhaps an outdoor kitchen, National Pool Tile offers outdoor products to suit every style, taste, and budget.


More information at National Pool Tile.

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